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Signode VFC 716 Pneumatic Strapping Tool   $550.0
eBay Purchased at a factory closing sale - in used but good condition. We have applied air to the strapping tool and the trigger and tension era seem to work well. The clamp is also tight when engaged. Loc K jc1700

Signode Strap Tension Tool VFC 716   $449.0
eBay Hi up for sale is this Signode Air Strap Tension Strapping Tool Model VFC 716, that is in used but good working condition, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me, thanks BN-581

signode pneumatic bander model VFC 716 strapping banding material   $195.0
eBay From local business closing Signode Vander pneumatic run. Don't have banding material to test but hooked to air and unit turns freely. Must have for any heavy material. Sells as found with no reserve med flat rate shipping.

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